"Producing in response to customer's desires "

Customised products respond to particular environments. A mass manufactured product may consist of product options or features that customers do not need. Thus, customers have to pay for components which are undesired and do not provide an additional value for them. But, when the product is customised, the undesired features as in the case of mass production are not available and customers just pay for the product with the configuration that satisfies their requirement,

These products are designed and produced from scratch for each individual customer, in other words , the needed resources are used differently to a great extend for each specific product. 

Customised products aim at securing and maintaining good will for a business and it's great marketing tool. It is a concrete and serious way if pleasing patrons, clients and employees.

We develop 100% customised gifts and stationary products in any size ,design or colour to relate to your company's business activities and to serve as a valuable utility to you and your client. Customisation is our USP and we offer to innovative solutions that suit every budget. We at World one are committed to provide customised solutions which are creative and unique with embellished emblems and messages so as to leave a long lasting impressions on the receivers

1 Column WiFi Magazine Document Holder -BLUE colour

Rs. 275.00

2 O Ring Binder 17MM Ring

Rs. 115.00

2 O Ring Binder 25MM Ring

Rs. 155.00

2D PP Index File With 40 MM Ring

Rs. 230.00