Eco friendly combo kit  ( Pack of 5)
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Eco friendly combo kit ( Pack of 5)

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Sustainability is our responsibility toward our children. One step at a time. Worldone green combo is ideal for gifting in the upcoming festival season and a great choice for personal and professional use.


The kit is ready to go, environmental friendly combo of 5 articles.

  1. Introducing reusable cardboard tube Box with 2 grow pen pencil combo. Pencils grow into leafy seasonal spinach, mustard plants, and pens that transform into beauteous marigolds and fragrant fenugreeks plants by the magic of soil.
  2. B5 size elemental chlorine-free nature series paper notebook with special wiro binding.
  3. 10 pieces elegant Colored L folder.
  4. A6 size zipper document folder made in jute.
  5. All these articles are placed inside a A4 size jute bag. Spacious firm A4 Size : Elegant design | Smooth finish | has one big pocket, one small pocket and 2 Pen holders. The bag is a combination of durability and fashion. The bag is non rigid and has one packet It is secured by tich button


Please note:

  1. The color of the strip on the folder and print may vary from those depicted in the picture here.
  2. Instructions for planting on QR code on the reusable tube.