Worldone Spiral Sketch Book with 140 Gsm paper for Sketching Drawing Colouring Wet & Dry Media Watercolor, Acrylic, Pastel, Pencil, Art Marker, A3 Size
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Worldone Spiral Sketch Book with 140 Gsm paper for Sketching Drawing Colouring Wet & Dry Media Watercolor, Acrylic, Pastel, Pencil, Art Marker, A3 Size

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  • MULTI ART CREATION: Artists can use the sketchbook for pencil, charcoal, ink, or pen drawings. The versatile paper allows for different techniques and styles. The sketchbook provides a dedicated space for artists to quickly capture ideas, scenes, or objects, making it an essential tool for sketching. Artists can use the sketchbook for watercolor or gouache paintings, taking advantage of its thick paper to handle the moisture. The sketchbook's durable paper allows artists to experiment with various mediums, combining techniques like drawing, painting, and collage.
  • SPIRAL BINDING & SMOOTH PAPER: The Spiral binding ensures that the pages stay securely in place, making it convenient for Sketch, drawing without worrying about pages falling out. The smooth paper surface provides an excellent canvas for drawing. It allows for clean lines and smooth strokes, enhancing the overall drawing experience.
  • HARDBOUND SKETCH PAD: The paper is ideal for all artistic drawings and sketches and is double-sided on a handmade hardcover. It has a textured hardbound cover that is black, slick-smooth, and waterproof. It unquestionably aids in the protection of your artwork. The pages are quite sturdy and can withstand repeated erasures and hard pressure. This would be an excellent gift for any artist in your life.
  • HIGH-QUALITY PAPER & ACID FREE: Our drawing book is made from 140 gsm high-quality papers that are proven durable, sturdy, fade-resistant, & Acid-free paper is a high-quality type of paper that has a neutral pH level. This means it won't yellow, deteriorate, or become brittle over time, as is common with papers that contain acidic compounds. These papers can be used for any wet techniques and other mixed media arts.
  • NO OF SHEETS: The Spiral Sketch Book has 25 and 50 Sheets, The quantity is sufficient and convenient for drawings and sketches in a more orderly manner, making the drawing look more orderly, thereby improving the overall drawing experience.
  • NATURAL SHADE & MEDIUM GRAIN: The paper in this sketchbook has a natural, unbleached color. This offers a warm, earthy backdrop for artwork, and can be especially appealing for those who prefer a more organic aesthetic. The paper has a medium-grain texture. This means it provides a slight tooth or texture to the surface, which can be beneficial for drawing with pencils, charcoal, and pastels. It strikes a balance between a smoother surface and one with more texture.
  • MICRO PERFORATED: This is a significant feature. It means that the pages are equipped with very fine, small perforations along the edges. This allows for easy, clean removal of individual pages if an artist wants to detach a sketch from the book.IMPROVES CREATIVITY AND PRODUCTIVITY: This Spiral Sketch Book is perfect for improving your creativity. From Sketching, drawing and coloring to doodling, everything that is creative and requires imagination can be done.HAPPINESS AND SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We provide high-quality materials that our customers will love and enjoy. This Spiral Sketch Book helps improve creativity while nurturing minds. Enhance your artistic ability and have fun at the same time!